Kotor, Montenegro: We are sorry to announce the delay in the opening of the Aquarium Boka, due to temporary measures of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases of Montenegro, as a response to the risk of import or spread of an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The final assembling of aquarium equipment, originally planned for March/April 2020, unfortunately, has to be delayed as long as there is a risk of import or spread of Covid-19. We estimate the new opening date for early autumn 2020.

MonteAqua project team is currently working on informative material and exhibition guides. Follow us for updates.

Download Aquarium Boka Info in pdf (5MB)

The Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” will have two units: public Aquarium and Rescue Centre for Water Wild Flora and Fauna. Aquarium Boka is situated at the ground floor of the Institute of Marine Biology building, protected and architectural monument (Dobrota bb, Kotor, Montenegro).

This is a unique institution in Montenegro that integrates research and education for promoting and practicing effective conservation on behalf of the sea’s wildlife. Aquarium builds public awareness and action for protecting Adriatic Sea species and habitats, but also actively contributes to various conservation solutions and serve as role models. Aquarium moves people to act on behalf of the marine species we seek to protect.

Aquarium Boka will let guests take a peek at hidden marine biodiversity: World and the Mediterranean Sea with special splash tank, the Adriatic Sea with a large shark tank, and Boka Bay with special large touch pool. Aquarium Boka will feature dozens of species of plants and animals among 16 seawater tanks.

The Open-Air exhibit of the Aquarium Boka will offer a unique view of Kotor Bay and walk to discover maritime past and present of the Boka Bay.

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