Aquarium Boka

The Boka Aquarium layout is presented on Figure 1.


Boka Aquarium is composed of four topical units with 16 tanks in total:
1. Entrance unit (Room A): World Sea and Mediterranean Sea (tanks 1-4)
2. Central unit (Room B): Adriatic Sea and southern Adriatic (tanks 5-11)
3. Special unit (Room C): Boka Kotorska Bay (tanks 12 and 13)
4. Exit unit (Room C): tropical seas (tanks 14-16). Aquarium shop is located in Exit unit (room 18).

About us

Institute of Marine Biology was founded in 1961.The Institute has changed his organizational structure several times and it was under different state administrations. Today it is organizational structure of the University of Montenegro and the only scientific research institution in the country that deals with protection and study of the Adriatic sea.


Institut za biologiju mora
Pfah 69, 85330
Dobrota, Kotor

Tel: +382 32 334 570

This project is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade

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