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The 2019 International Conference: Adriatic Biodiversity Protection will provide updated scientific, decision-making and policy-relevant information across a broad array of different Adriatic issues, marine biology, and related scientific disciplines. Emphasis will be on how state-of-the-art research on Adriatic biodiversity protection, conservation of coastal and marine areas and sustainable use of marine resources can contribute to policy- and decision-making. Particular focus will be put on the development opportunities which marine biotechnology can offer in the Adriatic. Organized to include plenary and breakout sessions covering both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, Conference results will be used in shaping future marine science priorities and policy in Montenegro and other Adriatic countries.

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Conservation of coastal and marine areasFreshwater biodiversity conservationInternational trade in endangered marine speciesMarine biodiversity conservationMarine biotechnologyMarine invasive and alien speciesPreventing marine pollutionRare and endangered species in Adriatic SeaRoles of aquariaSustainable use of marine resources

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