Radoje Laušević

E-mail: radoje.lausevic@gmail.com

Dr. Radoje Laušević has diverse work experience, including university lecturing and research, project design, development, implementation, and evaluation in the environmental field. He holds a Ph.D. in hydrobiology from the University of Belgrade, Serbia (1996), where he was teaching in General Hydrobiology as Assistant Professor from 1996 to 2006. He was also involved in research activities in nutrient pollution control, ecology, and taxonomy of algae, in particular diatoms. Dr. Laušević was also teaching Hydroecology at University Singidunum, Faculty of Applied Ecology “Futura”, Belgrade, Serbia.

From 2001 to 2016 Dr. Laušević was serving the Regional Environmental Center – REC (www.rec.org) in Hungary as Director of Country Office Yugoslavia (later Serbia and Montenegro) (2001-2004), Regional Director for South Eastern Europe (2004-2008) and Deputy Executive Director for Environmental Policy Directorate (2008-2016), is responsible for strategic visioning and planning.

From December 2017 dr. Laušević is serving the University of Montenegro, Institute for Marine Biology, in setting up Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium” (MonteAqua). He is managing a multidisciplinary team that is enhancing the Montenegrin EU integration process in the area of nature protection relevant to water ecosystems and sustainable management of protected water ecosystems with a focus on the Adriatic Sea.

Dr. Laušević’s core competencies include project development and resource mobilization, development of strategic and operational plans, leadership and people management, project design and proposal preparation, project and programme management, environmental policy, nature resources management, biodiversity conservation, water security, marine biology and public aquaria start-up.

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