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Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” is the organizational unit of the Institute for Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro, founded in 2020. The center has two units: a public aquarium and a rescue center for sea turtles. The Institute is a unique institution in Montenegro that combines research and education to promote and practice the efficient conservation of marine wildlife.


Aquarium Boka has 18 tanks divided into four exhibition units: (1) The World Sea and Mediterranean Sea, (2) Adriatic Sea and South Adriatic, (3) Boka Bay and (4) tropical seas.


Video EXChAngE Blue Pass
Video EXChAngE Blue Pass

Project “Explore Cross-border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE” video tells a story about the main project output: a new cross-border tourism product – the Blue Pass, which enables visits of new thematic routes: Dubrovnik and Aquarium (Croatia), Kotor and Aquarium Boka (Montenegro), Hutovo Blato Aqua Path, and Mostar Aqua Path (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and attracts more tourists in the area. Blue Pass…

Blue Pass EXChAngE Publication
Blue Pass EXChAngE Publication

Dubrovnik, Kotor, Mostar, Karaotok. “Explore Cross-border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE” project publication is realised on the Closing event held on 10th November 2022 at Dubrovnik University, Croatia. Richly illustrated publication on 46 pages presents main deliverables of the project: Trainings Seminars Promotional events Blue Pass EXChAngE Guide Blue Pass Improved small touristic infrastructure The project is supported within the Interreg…

Blue Pass EXChAngE Closed
Blue Pass EXChAngE Closed

Dubrovnik, Kotor, Mostar, Karaotok. It is our pleasure to announce that we have successfully completed “Explore Cross-border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE” project after 27 months of implementation. The University of Dubrovnik signed a Subsidy contract with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia for implementation the EXChAngE project on 14th August 2020. The project…


International conferences: Protection of Adriatic biodiversity

The Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka”, the Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro, organizes international conferences Adriatic Biodiversity Protection – AdriBioPro. Two conferences were organized: The first International Conference: Adriatic Biodiversity Protection – AdriBioPro2019 and The second International Conference: Adriatic Biodiversity Protection – AdriBioPro2022.


About us

Institute of Marine Biology was founded in 1961.The Institute has changed his organizational structure several times and it was under different state administrations. Today it is organizational structure of the University of Montenegro and the only scientific research institution in the country that deals with protection and study of the Adriatic sea.


Institute of Marine Biology, University of Montenegro
I bokeljske brigade 68
85330 Dobrota, Kotor, Montenegro

Phone: +382 32 334 570
Email: monteaqua.izbm@ucg.ac.me

This project is financially supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrad

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