Kotor, Montenegro: Ex-post evaluation of the project “Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium” (MonteAqua)” provides conclusions and recommendations regarding the implementation, achievements, and rationale of the project. The final score of the evaluation is that the MonteAqua project exceeds the number of the criteria and represents good practice.

Regarding implementation, evaluation states that project activities were carried out efficiently and as cost-effective, while all project stakeholders were attracted and targeted. The project contributed to the overall goal of Norway’s assistance to the Western Balkans by supporting socio-economic development in Montenegro through increased capacity in the field of environment. The project also contributed to the Institute for Marine Biology priorities and plans.

Evaluation points that project activities achieved their objectives. Project activities contributed to the enhanced Montenegrin EU integration process in Chapter 27: Environment. The evaluation also confirms that there is evidence of improved regional cooperation as a result of the MonteAqua project and increased capacities in relevant Montenegrin institutions for transposition and implementation of nature protection section of EU Acquis on Environment and Climate Change. The evaluation states that the MonteAqua project provided value for money, while there is evidence that activities will have lasting impacts.

Regarding rationale, the evaluation concludes that the overall MonteAqua objectives are adequately specified, notably towards enhancing the Montenegrin EU integration process in Chapter 27: Environment.

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