The implementation period of the project “Center for the Protection of the Biodiversity of the Sea Boka Aquarium – MonteAqua” (Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant agreement number MNE-17/0004 to the University of Montenegro – the Institute of Marine Biology) is extended to September 30, 2020. Following temporary measures of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases of Montenegro, as a response to the risk of import or spread of an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus, Project management requested such extension, considering announced pandemic as force majeure,  and accommodated a final of the project, mainly with postponing the assembling of the aquarium for mid-June 2020.

The extension of the project for 4 months, till 30 September 2020, will enable aquarium assembling, hydraulic check, the population of tanks with planned organisms, finishing the reconstruction of the space, and public opening of the Aquarium.

Cover photo: Mounting of acrylic aquarium window by Panaque srl.

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