The final stage of assembling Aquarium Boka is marked with initial training for aquarium staff done by representatives of Panaque srl Rome company. Presentation of functions of all aquarium systems was done: seawater inlet and makeup zone with sand filtration, protein skimmers, biological filters, cooling system. The development of regular and maintenance protocols was discussed and agreed upon.

Mr Filippo Riccardi, Panaque srl, delivering training to Aquarium Boka staff


Besides expected client-service company relationships, staff from Aquarium Boka and Panaque developed a partnership for mutual benefits: know-how transfer to Aquarium Boka and exploring new business opportunities for Panaque.

First, a very informal but important step in know-how transfer was done right after the training: preparing Spaghetti Carbonara according to the very traditional recipe with 5 simple ingredients: spaghetti seasoned with browned guanciale, black pepper, pecorino Romano and beaten eggs, presented by Mr. Filippo Riccardi, the partner in Panaque srl Rome.

Mr. Filippo Riccardi, the Partner in Panaque srl Rome


Like there are many Pasta Carbonara variants, even in Italy, but they are just variations of the authentic recipe for which there is no need for any other ingredients, Aquarium Boka will try to follow the simplest but the best way of aquarium maintenance provided by Panaque srl Rome.

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