The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted the Institute of Marine Biology (IMB) of the University of Montenegro to implement a project “Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium” -MonteAqua”

Ms. Nela Jović, Programme Officer, Royal Norwegian Embassy hosted Dr. Radoje Laušević, MonteAqua project manager in Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Radoje Laušević, MonteAqua project manager presented inception report about achieved and late activities from period of first three months. Risks monitoring and implementation of risk reducing measures also was presented. Development of WEB portal and E-platform is in progress and soon will be available to all interested parts. IMB is planning to attract other sources to grant horticultural reconstruction of park as outdoor section of “Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium”. Also there is need to strengthen Project ownership among employees of the IMB and all relevant stakeholders.

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