The Montenegrin coast and seabed represent national values ​​that must be preserved.

The Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro has published a study entitled “Protection of the coastal and marine areas of Montenegro” which provides an overview of literature references and activities for a proposal for the proclamation of three marine protected areas in Montenegro.

The study describes the Montenegrin coast and seabed as a very valuable but at the same time very sensitive area. The study presents literature references that highlight the need to put at least ten percent of the area under protection and provides an overview of activities of defining marine protected areas in Montenegro. Three areas were taken into consideration: the area of ​​Platamun, the island of Katiči, and the wider area of ​​the island of Stari Ulcinj.

The author of the study, Dr Slavica Petovic, a senior research associate at IMB, says the area is characterized by “high development potential as well as complex relationships between anthropogenic activities and the natural environment that often result in pronounced pressures on natural resources.”

This study and publication were carried out under the project “Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium” (MonteAqua)”, implemented by the Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro in cooperation with the Center for Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation of Inland Waters, Institute of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac.

The study is available only in Montenegrin and could be downloaded at the following: LINK.

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